2020 American Samoa Bat Quarter (ATB) Error Coins Found!

Did we find any errors in those ATB bat quarters? That is the question let's, answer, it, hey, YouTube, how you guys doing this is silver husky. If you guys were on my super laggy, live stream yesterday, here's a little of an uh playback without the audio.

But you can see how laggy it was on the live stream. I did end up getting four rolls of ATB American Samoa, the bat quarters for those of you who aren't familiar with it, uh, which I think is so perfect for 2020. But we ended up opening one live on the. Air and uh, you know, went through it looking for, you know, Robert Morley kind of let me know we're, not going to find any w quarters in there. However, we thought maybe we could find an obvious error, uh, there were none right?

None that were found on camera. So uh afterwards, I decided to crack open the other three, uh, this is off the air. And I ended up finding, uh, several coins that were not uh, the America, the beautiful bat coins.

But some other coins that probably shouldn't have been in there. They. Were really banged up quarters, but I did go through every one of the ATV back quarters, one by one. So it was about three dollars that were not ATB bats, uh. But the rest of them were the Samoa quarters. So I'm gonna use just a couple of minutes here to go through with you guys, some awesome finds that we found. And let me know if you guys have found any of these errors, uh to me, they look very obvious.

And at the end I'll, give you a total of how many we found in all so uh. So here we go. Now, the first. Error I want to show you guys is this doubling by the p, and I have found this before on the ATV back quarters that they the p has a little of doubling on it. So I think I found this on two or three of them, uh, it's, kind of obvious there on the left side you can see it was it looked like it was punched twice so that's, pretty neat to follow suit with that.

We have a doubling on the k. And again, this is on the word park. So there are national parks, right and uh, right here on the k. You could see very. Obvious doubling, I believe I only found that on two or three of the quarters. So not too many on that one and all this is on the reverse of the coin.

And on the reverse there are two bats. So the small bat. Some of them have this really weird. It looks like a die crack right on the top of the head of that small bat. In addition to the die crack on the head. There is also right there on the left side of that ear.

You can't really see it. But on the left side of the ear there's, a little of extra metal. And I don't know if that's die staging or maybe that's just a die crack. But several of them had this, I would say possibly about 10 quarters had this interesting little error and that's kind of what the rest of the errors looked like on the obverse of the coin. There was this really long one that goes through the uh, the initials at the bottom of George Washington's head.

So that's supposed to say, of if I'm correct, but you can't even see it because there's just a line going straight through from one. Pinpoint to the other so that's, a very big error and all in all there were 51 errors that I found, uh in all of these quarters. You can see I'm lined up here, I'm probably going to throw them up one bay and see what I can get for the lot I'm, not going to take the time to list them one by one again, these errors were minor errors, but they do add up some of them had several of them. Some of them had almost all of them. And some of them only had one of those errors that I showed you there were a. Couple other little things, but I didn't really put them in there, um, but yeah, anyway. Let me know if you guys have found any really cool errors in the 2020 coins, I know there are bunches of them out there, and I would definitely love to hear what you guys are finding and uh, yeah, leave your comments below don't, forget to hit like and subscribe and ring that notification bell to let.

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