"Releasing The Big Fish" With Pet Goose George™

George guess what? George guess what? George, hey, come on.

George daddy wants to turn the fish loose. Yes, daddy's going to turn the fish loose. Yeah, george just got out of his bath he's been taking a long bath this morning. Yeah. And we just got done making a nice video, except that I was making it with my phone and my finger touched the screen again, oh, my goodness, though we're going to make another video.

And I've decided to turn the fish loose. All my big fish are going to go in here because we're. Started the day above freezing and the water's, not frozen. And we got two days when it's going to stay above freezing, and then we're going to get rain.

So I want the fish to get acclimated and meet up with all their babies that are down below. Yep, these babies are all well, fed they're all happy, and now they're going to their new home. Yeah, hey. George. So here we go we're going to introduce the new babies. Yes to the pond.

Come here. Duck. Okay.

Babies, yes. Daddy's. Babies, yeah, here we go all right? Babies, yeah, There we go, oh, look at that. George that one's, pretty, oh, yeah. Some of these fish I've had several years. Some of them I've had seven or eight years there we go George guy's busy come here.

Baby is that orange or whack, Georgia's, favorite color, orange. Why babies every year my babies have a couple of hundred that I have to give away to somebody yep. And I keep a couple out of each match you'll. Notice, this one has three tails whoops where yeah, baby. Come here, that's, a three-tail, yep, here's. Another one come.

Here, baby, come here, yeah, beautiful. These guys are all going to go to the bottom and find our other babies there's. My three tails there we go one. George, oh, my goodness now, I'm, hoping that they come up and want to do some feeding because I'll have feed to put in now that was something I've been wanting to do was return my fish out here where we can love them and take care of them and feed them. Yes. But in my earlier video that shut off before I was ready. I wanted to thank all.

The people that made. This whole thing possible, yes, god, bless each one of our subscribers and fans and all the people that send us donations god, bless all of you're all special to us, too I'm. Still picking up garbage.

Ha, come on. George yes, come on. Goofy duck.

I'm still opening birthday cards. I went to the post office this morning. And I got some more birthday cards. Yes. George you want to get back in your kiddie pool.

Huh? You want to get back in your kiddie pool. Yes. He was up here having a good time. Anyway, I. Opened up a couple letters and birthday cards, yes, and we got one from barb Ellison. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Barb. Vivian, barb, Greg, all the people that have made it possible for George. And I to do our move over the last year and afford to make the improvements that we've made god.

Bless all of you I've my heart is touched every time I read a comment from everybody, and I opened up a birthday card today from Amy and dale and their son, Logan, it touches my heart Lacey, the young lady that makes. Us artwork is an also a cheese head from Wisconsin. She sent me a birthday card that said, she was sorry that the one she was making wasn't done and ready.

So she's going to send me that one for thanksgiving and sent me another card in its place. I love all of you Celeste in Portugal. She went way over and above trying to send me gifts from Portugal, trying to ship me a bottle of port wine and couldn't, get it shipped there.

They wouldn't ship the wine. So she tried and called everybody in our town here. Trying to get people to deliver me a bottle of wine of particular kind that she picked out for me anyway, the length that our fans go to try to show George. And I the love that we try to share with everybody else. Uh, it just is amazing god, bless each one of you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Celeste. Barb. Greg. We heard from Roy Horton yesterday. Finally, I've been worried about sick Roy in England. He had gone through some operations, and we were worried because we hadn't heard from him. In a while, and we finally heard from Royce anyway, god bless everybody.

We've turned our babies loose, and I can tell I'm going to be looking for them down there in a pond there's, a big bird from goofy duck, yep and timber's already on the road down to grandma's. So I'm going to go upload this, and then she won't be able to do anything with it until she gets home down there to Madison. So anyway, this will probably get uploaded this afternoon late, but god, bless everybody. We love you too. Remember to stay safe. Wash your flippers often we love, you have a wonderful weekend love.