Adult Language Mandala Full Wrap Tumbler Tutorial

Okay, I am gearing up to do a full wrap water slide, um, so I'm, getting some water in a cookie sheet because it's big enough to hold a full wrap grab my paper towels. I have a little dollar tree silicone makeup brush. So let's slide that a little.

I have my cradle. I have a prepped white cup. And I have my image.

Now if you're offended by swear things, this might not be the video for you. This is a mandala image created by, um, I think it's war horse designs on Etsy. I would have to look it up. I know her. By her real name, I've interacted her with her in the group so many times.

But, um, this is the purple version when you buy the purple version, you also get a black version, um I'm, working on a different cup for the black version, but it's got all kinds of swear things on it. So that is printed and sealed I'm going to start it soaking, um I'm, not going to tell you the bad words, but I will link to this on her Etsy down below in the description. So she does all kinds of, um f, this f that um BS, sweary.

Uh, mandalas and stuff, she's quite talented. Um. Her name is joey.

I won't tell you her last name because not my place to do. So, but if you're in any of the Facebook groups, there's, a pretty good chance you've interacted with her at some point. You may have also seen her on ticktock. I do know she is doing her own sublimation cups with this particular image. And so many people wanted the image that she created it for the rest of us. So, and I already botched this image once today, I cut it in completely.

The wrong spot. So hopefully I don't mess this one up, because I am running low on printer ink and won't get a third chance. So I do want to get this wrinkle out before I go any further.

If I feel pretty good about my placement, I will just work that out a little. Um, this is sized for a maker flow, 20 ounces like straight from the download, the black one. When I moved it over to my thing was a different size. So, and you actually get four files with this. Um, two of them had like a blocked out center. Section where you could add a name or whatever. So I thought that was kind of neat if you wanted to write over it for your sublimation.

So that is on there that went on there, super nicely. Thankfully, I'm going to use my little squeegee tool and get any excess water out it's, pretty seamless on the back side. I do have a slight overlap, but that's because this is going straight on spray paint. If I had a layer of epoxy, I probably wouldn't have that seam. But when you're doing a full wrap it's, fine to not go.

Over an epoxy cup if you're doing smaller sections of water slide, you're going to want to go over epoxy so squeegee it out. And I don't know that I can get this to focus for you to read any of this or not, but it's, pretty inappropriate, um, I like it I'm, not going to read it. So, um, I'm going to go ahead and let this dry. And then we will get it under epoxy in a couple of hours. Okay, we're going to get the epoxy on this. Once I'm going to use the girl's best friend diamond dust, cheat from it's, pretty personal. Um.

Just because I haven't used this one on anything in a while, so I'm only going to use a tiny bit like barely any on this one, so I'm just going to get it mixed in, and we'll get it on here. Okay. So there we go I'm just going to let you see some of these sections.

If you can,, I'm not going to read them out loud, but there it is, uh, I think it's beautiful. So that is it for this one. Thanks for watching.