Business Proposal Episode 3 Eng Sub Predictions Kang Tae Mu Introduce Shin Ha Ri And Dating For Real

Hi this is Jonathan Ramona. Welcome back to this channel. Episode 2 drama, business proposal end up with a sweet kiss scene from King, TAE moo and Shikhar, even though the kiss was an accident, but it is still cute and sweet. And also I didn't think if this would be a kiss scene in the episode to this drama is just amazing and made me smile during all the episode. And also the kiss scene was my favorite in episode two in the next episode three, I think the real identity of Shikhar will totally reveal. Since her brother, shin, ha, min, seeing them kissing.

There is no other way, except King TAE moo will know the true identity of Shikhar. This time shine Hara will be in the difficult situation again, because he feels bad for King, TAE moo. And also he is a president in her office. Meanwhile, King tan mu will have no choice and still needs Shikhar to meet his grandfather as we know, King Talmud have to married as soon as possible and Shikhar is the only choice for him since he doesn't want to spend a lot of. Time does the blind date anymore, King, tang moo will ask shin hard to meet his grandfather. But under the name of Jin Yong sew, I think King TAE moo will not introduce Shikhar as herself.

Because his grandfather know if King Taegu will be married with Jin Byung-soo. But since King, TAE moo character is decisive. There is possibility of King. TAE moo will introduce Shikhar as herself King.

TAE moo will also give a list that Shikhar should remember to make a good impression in front of his grandfather, shin. Hari will learn all the detail on the list that King TAE moo gave to her. She learns it everywhere. She goes even in the train. And also when she meet with Jin Yong sew, she still learns of that detail. Jin Byung-soo will also surprise seeing her best friend doing that kind of thing a for all. The thing is ready, King, TAE, moo invites shin hard to meet his grandfather, Shikhar introduced herself and make a good impression.

So King, tang, mu feel proud and also awestruck with Shikhar. I think shin hard will. Leave a good impression for this meeting after that Shikhar spend a day with King, TAE moo.

And this is actually like a dating for them. Shikhar will invite King TAE moo to watch a concert since she got two ticket concert from lee min woo on her birthday. So shin, hard and King. TAE moo will watch the concert together King, tang moo once again will awestruck seeing shin hard. I think they will also buy a merchandise in that concert or maybe Shikhar buy an apology gift for King. TAE moo.

Do this all. Sweet thing, an accident happen again. And this time shin hard hit by a baseball.

I think shin hard will be pass out and contain mu helper. This time, this will be a start for their relationship. Father more in the house, King Tammy, start missing Shikhar and looking at the doll that Shikhar gave to him. I think Shikhar is stuck on his mind, and he will invite Shikhar for another dating. They will see a firework together.

And this scene look, very romantic and sweet. I am waiting for another kiss seen. Here, it would be very romantic if they are kissing with firework as the background.

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