English Grammar Revision Q.4(A), (B)

Let's move to our next question in grammar revision question, number 4a, join the sentences using conventions. Now what are conjunctions are the words that are used to join and send words or sentences or group of words they are called conjunctions. Now we are having birth. So, because therefore, if unless until all these words, we are using to join the sentences, and we are using for simple self, the sentence when we want to join because so, as therefore we are using when there is a reason, if. Unless until there is a when we are talking about condition, or we are using to join the service when we are giving any option so let's see, some example, number one, I have two goldfish.

I have a cat. So here, I'm talking about both the things I have. So I will use and to join these sentences. So I can say I have two goldfish and a cat number two. You can have peach ice cream.

You can have a brownie sundae. So here I am giving an option. So I will use, or you can have peach ice cream or a brownie sundae. Number three, I like tea, I like coffee now here both I like, so I will say I like and coffee let's, see some more example, number four, she goes to the tennis club. She likes to play tennis.

So here there is a reason why she goes. She goes to the tennis club because she likes to play tennis number five. He reads magazines.

He doesn't like to read books. Furthermore, he reads magazine, but he doesn't like to read books. Now here there is a contrast whether it's opposite. He reads magazine, but he doesn't like to read books. Number six, her baby cannot fall asleep. She stays in the room her baby cannot fall asleep unless she stays in the room.

Now here there is a condition when unless until if we are talking when there is a condition, her baby cannot fall asleep unless she stays in the room, she usually eats at home. She likes cooking. So here there is a reason she typically eats at home because she likes cooking let's move to some more example. Number eight, I was feeling hungry.

I made for myself a sandwich. So here there is a. Reason why I made I was feeling hungry. So I made for myself a sandwich. Even I can say I made for myself a sandwich because I was feeling hungry. Both the things we can do here it's. The reason they rushed to the hospital.

They were too late. They rushed to the hospital, but they were too late. I will go shopping. I will go camping, I'm thinking, which one I should offer I should go. So here there is an option.

I will go shopping, or I will go camping. Number. Eleven, wait here I come see there's a. Condition, wait here, until I come number 12, the bag was heavy. He could not carry it. The bag was heavy. So he could not carry it here.

There is a reason. So all these examples we saw about conjunctions let's move to the next question. Number four, be give plurals now plurals and singular we have learned all the singular means when we're talking about one and plural means when you're talking more than one. So there will be some plural will be given to you, and you have to write the plural answer. Of that now radio here, I've added f story stories. Now it is ending with y, and before that it's a consonant. So what I will do to make it plural.

I will cut this y, instead of y I will write I. And then I will add. Yes. Story. Stories, beer. Beer. She now the now for plural for deer and sheep will be the same beer deer.

She sheep valley. Valleys. Child, children, ray trees box, cough calves, ox oxen. So all these things you have to practice about singular and plural.