Estuary. An Easy To Paint Watercolour

Good morning, it has an algae day in the South London it's, a mmm, fine rain cold. But what to expect in darkest February likely we are going to place to play a bit of a coastal seen here a bit of distance, I, remember years, OS, boy, having one of those at feeding stones on the Suffolk coast. And we'd go to other ways. It should have bonded by a couple of rivers to deepen. And the new all well, I think I cited to deepen. We've got their first four days and shot beaten. And you could see the other side of the.

Sort of an estuary are jesting estuary, oh very sandy, but I'm just going to make something up, but it pretty steadily simple bit of painting ready. So here we are forgotten. The trade got the lemony of the nagas' lemon yellow, cadmium, yellow, raw, Sienna, lizard, crimson life with ultramarine / number plates, grade, burnt sienna, although use them all this is the romance and follow our hike 45 inches doesn't mill with five million millimeters Isis it's, the large Samantha making like he'd collaboration brief.

Follow-Up human, any construction of this thing, it's, a japanese-style brush does a lot of things and know some of you still persevere with your little brushes. This is your beginner. You won't believe what this bus can do when you get used to it, but it does take a lot of getting used to you don't know, learn to use it in five minutes, soapy prepared. It holds a lot of water to trap the unwary, oops, right. I'll, put bitter wash. My somewhat paints are a little fresh out of the tube, but they were last. Night so I just want a bit of a bit of a wall. Okay.

Now, I like doing my skylight cloudy skies, plenty of light. So ultramarine, these trays are the food display, tracer there's, a very, very good quality, they're, very cheap. They last forever, I bought a pack attorney in all three or four years ago.

Now, why don't you go so let's get that nice, bitter color in that remember that the colored rise much lighter than you put you on? So you've got to bear that in mind so let's have a bit of what the plates like. This you can sort of do all sorts of things with it, I'm just going to put that in the other see when this bit of fur extreme there right now, what happens with the blue?

And the red is that when it starts to dry it is separates. And you get nothing a lovely sort of granular separation. So let's, just put a little further down, just a light up to the light cloud coming over the horizon me.

Okay. Now, I'll. So we stretch the place delicious FBI are 130 pounds.

The count is blocks of a hundred it. Expensive for what it is seen what's happening to the paint there's something fun like that. But I love it. I exploit it motor Zagreb is a great one for it, and then the same room to happen with burnt umber and the ultramarine.

But the bit of red gives it a bit of walls that we see is this is coming down in I used to have a slicer sort of vertical. But the Patriot led the water just in very painful. It was very difficult. But this is a much better angle is about there's, probably less than.30 degrees between 25 and 30 degrees it's, an ideal situation, but if I wasn't video I would probably have the ball pops up, and I would change I would change the angle.

So that I could get the paint as he claimed down the wet paper to go in different directions. And of course, if you don't want to eat anymore, we just use your hair dry. So take your headphones off right now. But if it opens up before I want some diffusion on the Justice, oh it's.

Just those colors let's just get via these fills in there's. No mountains in this booth, painting don't work at my other horizon, horizontal, I'm or less. And this is guy.

Look like dark around I could always clean this up afterwards. So these are sort of trees over here. So let's put it not just a bit too much water on the brush. So I'll, just so now I, one of those I don't want that to bleed into water. Now you will see any reflections just to see water let's, just watch it what but ok got back into that. Now we could put a shunt bit of spitting out a bit of. Lumber spring, let's, just put in some chocolates and color on that.

Why we're just add some variety in that not a lot because it's distant, but enough just to give up a variety and I think I'm still struggling to know what has to mix my greens with the cat meme. Yellow is easy with the lemon yellow. Look like you're used to it. I'll need some much darker there consumed. Wife's.

Life happens and say, diphthong, but appear. Good blue. Cities are look at Russ's broken away from the main body. You get something. Pushes you in one with this through the night, what it does split them as you don't like just which is a little and bring it together on the train okay, say that. So we got if we want to put in some yards, we could lift it out a little like this.

Now we require a focal point in. So this really is going to be some boats so that the one that darn it. Okay, there were more or less. Horizontal. Come along here. Right? Okay, just we couldn't paper then we'll ever go at the foreground.

Well, Actually let's do this right flashlight, put a dry brush on that. Now the paper is food is flat buckle. My man, okay to clean the brush. So we want that the sky column with a little of yellow shove. It wouldn't brush p decline for this.

This is a dry much. So that's just a little Greene, blurry okay that that would put this darker sky color in there. So make it look more reflective, what okay July that before the bank? Okay, what?

So, but I bet there's, always a group, good sort of sand color, but to. Go to Saint, what just move a bit of good , Jenna, a number sandy bit here, I cut units, good food. Well, that's, the start of that one we could go not so high on that one, we don't exactly the same could put some up glasses unit right now, nice, dark, . Now I could ever do this better, but it's all really awkward funding that's where I want to go up high with the sort of glasses. Okay, that was coming on to darken enough shut up in this well, write that some dark bits in here, put some good. Reflection in and that while isn't this like yeah, just a little right? Okay.

Not a lot I want to do with this are the bend videos are good reflection or give this. And that now I'm going to die group, we're in the shin ruining a sponge and I see that look at the atmosphere. One okay. Now been a bit of rigor work, and we're finished by then. And there is water birds like we got why not just a little so Bob Riga times, we can accept let's, push the BRC call that let's get out all right. I'll get my.

Little half-inch brush is nice and damp squeeze out the excess, and we'll check out lets you put my own it nice, one because it's so dingy. And these are you nuts. Now you can criticize my oats because I'm not their land I, but I'm, not used to being around them. So I just sort of make them up. But we can, you see that on why not I'm not asking you all right there that probably be enough there? Okay? Well then we'll go anymore, said, I was like I liked that bit dark.

And that that's a big lot of burnt umber. This why I'm just going to clean that horizon up there a bit more see that's? What you can do is seen if you make a go over, you can carefully go back and blocked it out just that finish a little.

And these are a little more white, shiny, okay that though that's what I'm going to do right, but put it in a mount. And also the big assignment tonight, the website working, it is not very good sign it because someone I like it soon or later, oh, you could always paint over them with a critic or. Something okay, Verizon. So that we are good that I think the area that I've, memorized, bulgy, it's, it's, north of Felix, oh I, see all you the herbal, yeah, you're willing to be all worth is the one I.

Think, those of you that goes into its rich and the deep and come over, they know you. But this is just the estuary. So than that I'm talking, you get your level now, that's a good beginning. It is sorry, I just got a coastal seen won't say anymore about it than that, especially bc, go against these double. Edge of the wings against the dark of the cloud.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that thanks for watching I won't, shoot them in bye for now.