Fiat Ducato Motorhome Wing Mirror Covers Installation & Review (Plus Free Giveaway!!)

Yes, hello. Welcome back to Cato mods. My name is Travis and to continue the black and white theme.

The contrast theme I have got these lovely, black wing mirror covers we're going to install. These are meant to be the right ones. These were for the long arm. I've now got the short on ones, stay tuned, I'm going to be giving these away free of charge at the end of the video.

This is what's been installed today, kind of mid-range there's, some cheaper, some more expensive, but we're just going. To go right down the middle show you the difference between the long arm and the short arm fitment. Clearly, I was an absolute amateur when I ordered these, and you can see it just doesn't go around here.

Also, this white bit here is meant to clip around onto the actual casing. It doesn't reach. So someone can have these free of charge.

I've got no use for them anymore. So these are easy to put on I'm, hoping their, just as easy to take off let's, try and pop them off. So there we go. Okay, a little. Dirty on the inside I'll, clean them up for someone. And one of you lucky guys can have this let's just show the inside of these there's, no bolts nuts, screws, there's, literally, just a clip on with some adhesive.

We've got to peel off there. So before we do that let's clean this with some window spray. Now, if you don't have much patience like me, and you bite your nails, you may be here a while I've been here, five minutes so far. And I've still not got off all the adhesive, um coverings.

Okay, all the. Adhesives off this is clean and prep ready to go. All we're going to do is slide it on. Will it be easy, let's find out right now.

Okay, that is pretty good I'm a little concerned about this bit here that there looks like it's protruding out so does that, but it should stay on. Don't. Forget it's got the adhesive there there there and there, so only time will tell will it stay on you'd hope. So this is what I mean about the bit protruding here. Look, you can just see there's a bit of play there it's, the. Same on the bottom one, but you have to hope when you're driving at fast speeds, the force of the wind is pushing the opposite direction. It's, not going to fly off.

So it should be. Okay. Maybe we could be a bit different and a bit funky and keep one black one white. Possibly not now let's just show you the difference in the shine and the glosses compared to the standard abs. So there's, a nice, shiny, one there and there's the dull abs one there, I know which one I would rather pick quick review value for. Money, these are pretty good 44 pounds or some on the market for 70 pounds, also really easy to fit I'll, give them a 10 out of 10 for easiness. And another episode completed at tomato mods don't, forget remembered I'll be giving these away free of charge.

Don't worry, I'll, give them a clean I'll. Take off the vinyl for you as well. Remember, these are for long arms, not short arm, diatoms. All you have to do is leave a comment saying, what is your funniest motor home experience, and I'll pick the winner. After a month and send them off to you. Thank you.