The government and public affairs, advisor of exit mobile general passed, while speaking with this newscast via telephone, on Wednesday, confirmed that the refurbished flash gas compressor arrived at board, Eliza destiny on Saturday. Last. So the offshore team is continuing to reinstall the repaired and upgraded components of the flash gas compression system on the Lisa destiny, floating production storage and offloading vessel after they were safely transported offshore over the weekend. She stated that. Works are ongoing to ensure the equipment is functioning as per normal. We take special care to maneuver these large pieces of equipment. We're also focused on the quality of the work to ensure successful restart of the flash gas compression system, exit mobile revealed in January that it had encountered difficulties with a flash gas compressor on its lizard destiny, floating production storage and offloading vessel, which resulted in the company, conducting flaring above normal pilot levels as.

Pressure mounted from several sections of society for this, potentially dangerous practice to stop the company further revealed that it hadn't any spears on board to rectify the problem. While also stating that only the manufacturer of the equipment could help resolve the issue. The compressor was therefore returned to the manufacturer in Germany who effected repairs and upgrades as well as conducted tests on the equipment before returning it to the vessel over the weekend, Exxon said that teams. From the environmental protection agency as well as the Ghana geology and maintenance commission are continuing inspections of its operations. Offshore.

Meanwhile, natural resources, minister, viral Bart told this newscast on Thursday, last that his government has taken steps to ensure that the issue of clearing does not arise in the near future as they have instituted fines for fleeing in the contract signed for the payroll. So the company can be fined for flaring by the government that is for. Wasting gas because you're basically flaring at your waste in it and by EPA for the dimensional environment, this news cost inquired of the minister, whether he believes fines are enough to ensure the issue does not resurface. We believe that clearing our fines for flaring is a step towards ensuring that we put some kind of a stop or some kind of mechanism in place to ensure that the companies know that we are not accepting flaring, or we are not accepting the world. The wholesome destruction.

Of our environment flaring is the controlled burning of natural gas. And the common practice in oil and gas exploration production and processing operations. Flaring occurs when crude oil is extracted from underground and natural gas is brought to the surface. A flare system consists of a flare stack and pipes that feed gas to the stack flaring emits powerful, climate force and dangerous air pollutants like black, carbon Wendell, badger, hip, nightly news,