How To Change The Oil On Your E9x BMW

Welcome back everybody today, it's going to be a quick video I'm going to be showing you how to change the oil on your e90 or 892 BMW. This will probably work for most BMWs. So what you're gonna need is a drain pan, a screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, a 17 millimeter socket if you'd like an oil filter, raptor wrench. But you can practice that off by hand, brand-new oil filter and seven quarts of BMW, llo1 oil. So first you want to do is get the car up off the ground and pull the handbrake hard as well as leave. It in gear, or park with an automatic and then truck wheels here at the back, and then we're going to go underneath the car and pop the drain plug right now.

All right before we go underneath the car, we're gonna just crack this open leave it there just so we can let the air flow in so that all the oil will come out easier all right now that we're underneath the car just behind the front wheel should be a little access door here, I'm going to go ahead and flip that open and reveal the drain plug now. That we got the door open, you can see the oil drain plug right there. So we're going to take our socket and the drain pan and drain, the oil all right once you've got your drain, bolt cracked, go ahead and let the car drain completely come back in about 20, maybe even 30 minutes and all the old oil should be gone while the oil continues to drain, let's, go ahead and get the filter changed out. So I use my adapter to loosen. If it's good to put a towel over here. So you don't drip oil everywhere and. Whenever you're ready, go ahead and transfer it over all right.

The new filter comes with a brand-new crush washer and the new o-rings as well as a new filter. Of course. So first you're going to remove the old filter once you've got the old filter out remove the small green o-ring on the top here, all right now that we've removed the two o-rings let's, go ahead and put on our brand-new ones and make sure lubricate them a little of oil before you put them on now that we got the o-rings back on go. Ahead and get your filter in and get it back in the car.

Now, all you got to do is hand, tighten this all right now that we got the oil filter back in the car. Go ahead and hand. Tighten it down and BMW does recommend a torque spec of 18 and 23 foot pounds, but it's an oily filter. So you can just hand tighten it and make it snug, and it'll be good all right before we replace the drain bolt we're going to replace the crush washer. So just continue washer on like that. And now we're ready to put everything. Back together, go ahead and thread your drain wall back in.

I think here drain bowl back in go ahead and tighten. It down just snug it up and give it a good turn after that. Now, go ahead and get the little trapdoor back in now that you got your cover back on let's, go ahead and fill up the oil again. Once you went ahead and added all of your oil.

Go ahead and remove the funnel then reinstall, your filler cap tighten it up. Once the oil level is good to make sure to check for any leaks underneath the car and. That's how you change the oil in your e90 or e92 BMW, hope you enjoyed this video.