I Surprised MrBeast With Custom IPhones!

You bought me an iPhone. Yeah, I customized it for you. Are you serious? Right now? Whoa.

No, bro. Look at that joy on his face right there. He loves it in this video I'm also giving away 50 iPhone. 11 pros here are five iPhone. 11 pro maxes for the Mr beast team. So this one's going to be for Garrett because he won a green this one will probably be for Chris. This one's for Mr beast, this one's for chandler.

And this one's for Jake let's start out with the one for Mr beast open it up brand, new iPhone. 11 pro max. All right we're done with the one for Mr beast. It says, jimmy down here. I think it looks really neat let's. Take this off.

It turns out nice, I was supposed to be satisfying. I still have my cracked iPhone. Actually, this is mine that looks gorgeous so clean.

Wow. Look at the side. All right now. We're going to take Mr beast's new phone and put it back in the box. I'm going to take these two and customize them all right? So I think these are ready to be spray. Painted let's.

Go spray paint them outside. Come on. All right we're going to place the two phones over here, very carefully, hopefully it's, pleasant and clean all right. So we have the base layer on this. I know it looks kind of cracked, but we're going to go over it again for right. Now, I think I'm gonna start doing the astronaut beast time to FaceTime Garrett, honestly, guys, I'm kind of nervous, but I'm pretty excited too all right?

Let's. Do it? Hey, Garrett what's up what's up man, how you're doing how you doing you're filming this if you're okay with that, yeah, what's. Going on all right, it usually starts out with this okay. And then what I'm planning on doing is putting their name down here, and then I'll have something in here. You saw my Instagram post with like all the iPhones right. Yeah, uh, are you a fan of the space ones?

The one with the galaxy designs I'm done with jimmy's phone. So it's going to look something like that there's like all the space designs. Yeah, he's going to love that how do you keep it from like rubbing off? Do you have like a ceiling?

I think I'm. Just going to give you guys a case to put over it, and then it's like it should be fine, because I definitely don't want mine to get there that was so cool. Thank you. So much. Man, I got you, and then you just need me to record them, uh, their reactions. Yeah, yeah.

That was really cool. That's. So cool. Man that artwork's, awesome, but anyway, man, thank you. I really appreciate it. Yeah. Thank you so much.

All right talk to you later, bye. Okay, so I think that went pretty well, it seemed like he liked it. A lot.

Honestly, all right, I have both of their names written on here, Chris Jake. And we just got to do the little planets and designs. Three weeks later, all right. So the sides of Chris's phone. Look, pretty nice. Hopefully the camera turns out pleasant, too it's, looking pretty good nice and clean. Chris Jake get in your boxes.

Let's take them and put them next to Mr beast's phone redone. I think these all look perfect so far all right. So for our final two phones for Garrett, he told me he wanted a green one in. Our dm, so I got him the green one and yeah, let's go customize these. Hello.

Friends, big boy, chargers, right here. I think in the future I'm going to get one of those for myself, put your feet on the ground. Look around this decision.

We back in your town, burning it down. You've been waiting too long for the sound time is now got you hanging on every single word verb. And now give you what you have been waiting for now wish I'm guys, I am exhausted, it's, 12, 30, a.m, right now we just finished these two that looks. Amazing we're going to put Garrett's phone in first right here. Now, we're going to put chandler's phone in I'm, not sure if you guys noticed this, but if you look closely there's a purple and pink streak, it goes all the way here into there and into this. Technically you could say all the phones are one big piece.

It just connects everything together. So now all we have to do is package this up I'm actually going to leave a nice little note in each one of them. Yeah, just saying, hope you enjoy the. Phone from MHC, hold this up and let's hide it under here that right there, put it back on and bones on here. All right? Okay, there we go.

Also. I bought each one of them, a phone case because I don't want the paint to get ruined there are a couple different options over here for them here. It is its all boxed up.

I know, it's, not pretty but time to take it to the post office. Now before we go surprise. Mr beast, let's talk about the giveaway. I customized these five iPhone 11 pros from Mr beast. And this team. Today, the strategy game lords mobile has worked with Mr beast back in July. So I thought it would be fitting for me to team up with them today as well.

Now, they're sponsoring a ton of iPhone 11 pros to give away. And for you to potentially win in this video, good luck, make sure you enter the giveaway now let's go give these phones to Mr beast. 12 seconds later, all right, guys, Zack the guy who drew jimmy for 24 hours.

So let's, see what he got us. Oh, look at that it's, an iPhone 11 Pro right there. Midnight green 256, that's, pretty nice. Yo, yo. This is so sick. It's, a custom iPhone.

11 pro with the little beast spaceman right there. And my name at the bottom that's really cool. Appreciate Zach we're going to give these to the rest of the guys, and we're going to get their reactions.

This is honestly, this is so cool. Chris and Jake are filming life hacks. Right now.

I'm about to go surprise them with their brand, new phones, all right. Let's. Go what's going on boys here. Why are you awkwardly videoing us? Don't. Worry about it. I need you guys to open wait what this one I need you to open this.

One, wait, what what what this a prank? No, no. This is a prank there's, no way, there's, no there's.

No way. This is imaginable. I'm going to be pissed. If this is a prank. This is, I promise it's, not coming from you.

This is not real, not a prank, not a prank. Let me open this first. Why are you going for that first because I'm seeing if it's an actual phone case, dude is this? Are you serious? Yeah? Are you serious? Right?

Now? Whoa. No, bro. Oh, my god, yo, you're kidding, me that is amazing.

This is for real. Yeah, dude. Are you serious? Dude?

Look at mine. Everyone says, thanks. Zach, though, dude, he did it.

I followed him on Twitter. Thank you. I've been following him on Twitter. I need to follow you on Twitter.

Oh my gosh. This is amazing holy crap. Dude. I can't pay for an iPhone for me. I've got to send him some bin mode. He said, don't worry about it. He said, just give him a good thumbnail.

We're. Good. This is incredible all right so chandler's currently in. His car, what are we about to do Chris we're going to give him a phone? Also, this looks like a great angle for you right here, hey, chandler. What are you doing?

We got a gift for you your phone case that we were talking about the entire time. Yeah, that phone case that we gave you should open it. You taped it. I can't, it's, not what you think it is seems like it's, an iPhone box with my aim at it. Yeah, it's, definitely not an iPhone. Certainly not an iPhone. Look at that joy on his face right?.

There he loves it that's, yours, yours, man, he bought me a friend, yeah and painted it for you wait. Why did he do such a nice thing because he's a nice guy? There are good people in this world love you. You should be the one to surprise jimmy with his phone. Yeah, surprisingly surprised jimmy.

You bought me, an iPhone, no it's from MHC. Oh, really. I talked to him on the phone like a few weeks ago.

Wait did he design it for us? Yeah, he painted that. Whoa, wait. When did you get? I have so many questions are.

You excited is it yeah, is this for his video that looks no that's for you man is that our guy with this little. Thank you. I mean, it's insane, why is our logo in space? What do you do wrong? I don't know, thank you. Thanks Lewis, mobile make sure you enter the giveaway and good luck.

You guys.