Samsung HL-T5689S 56" DLP HDTV

I'm, dick T, an editor of HGTV solutions, calm today, I'm talking about Samsung's, HL, T, 5689. S, HD TV. This is a 56-inch RP TV, or as they like to be called nowadays, a micro display TV, the R P stands for the rear projection system that is the guts of the TV.

But if you look at the back of the unit, R P could as easily mean as rear is projecting 14 inches to be exact. This is not one of those slim LCD's or plasmas that can be mounted on a wall. I will admit when I first laid eyes on this R P TV, whether its. Telltale caboose I thought clunky.

But after I had a chance to enjoy its big, colorful, 1080p image, I quickly appreciated what beauty this beast possessed inside it with an LED light source and a Texas Instruments DLP chip driving the projection system, the Samsung features state-of-the-art technology. It can even display 3d content at 56 inches. The unit is deceptively light, Wayne, 70 pounds, which is at least 40 less than a similarly sized LCD. The connector panel on the back includes three HDMI. Inputs which are 1.3 compatible to component to composite 2, s-video and a VGA. The 2 RF antenna inputs are linked to the integrated NTSC ATC, qualm tuner.

The wise link input is Samsung's branding of a USB port, where you can attach a storage device to view, JPEG photos and play mp3 audio files. The 3d sync out is where you connect an IR emitter, which sends signals to the special glasses that you wear to view the 3d content on the TV. This is truly a feature. Laden TV with enough picture adjustment. Tools to make the most dedicated video file, ecstatic, it even includes Bluetooth connectivity for headsets and Printers, but all the toys, don't mean, a thing to me if the picture quality isn't great and in the past RP TVs gained a reputation for less than stellar performance when compared to LCD's or plasma this DLP TV with its 10,000 to 1 contrast, ratio pleasantly surprised me with its consistently bright rich and detailed image at over four and a half feet. The screen is made for sports programming. But the display is nimble enough to handle almost any type of content you throw at it.

Finally, let me say a few words about the 3d feature. I was never sent material to test it out. But I did see a cool demo of it at Lydia this year and I can report that they have. 3D effect works well with high-end features and picture quality, rivaling, many LCD's. The Samsung HLT 5689 S is definitely not your father's old, funky RP TV. If you don't mind, if your TV sticks out a few extra inches in the back, then take a. Long look at this 56 inch micro display, you can read more details in my review on our website.

This is dick de young editor, HDTV