SUBARU REX | Working On The New Import

Welcome back to Benny's, custom works probably supported by Valvoline and spares box. Don't, forget bcb5 on checkout this week, we're back on little Rex, we're going to be doing a ton of maintenance things, because we don't actually have any service history with the car, um, that may turn up in the mail at some point. But for now we're just going to pretty much assume that this thing's never been serviced in saying that it actually looks pretty clean. So I'd say it has. But today we've got things like.

Valve cover gaskets spark, plugs, uh, time, belt, kit, water, pump going to be doing some fluids. We've got some engine oil and some coolant there. I've got some shifter bushes, and we're also going to be changing the combination switch on the steering column. So stack to do today, so we're going to hook straight in let's get to it being under the car. Now it looks amazingly clean. As I mean, very minor surface, rust almost to the point where it's more actually just staining than rust under the car.

But the one. Thing I have noticed is someone's actually repaired the exhaust. And I think from memory, these normally have two little mufflers that should be in the middle, and I'd say, they're, probably rusted out because these exhausts were pretty bad to rust set on the Australian delivered ones. So I can only imagine the Japanese ones are pretty similar it's. I mean, it's, not a terrible job, but it's, not amazing, so I'm, not quite sure what I'm going to do there, because I don't really want to go putting an. Aftermarket exhaust, I had all these grand plans to muck with this car and modify it heaps, but it's actually just too good. I don't want to stuff with it because it's super neat, um.

And I actually think it might be a bit of a collector's piece as far as I know, it's, probably the only one in the country there's, a few converted for's out there. But this is the only genuine Rex that I know of, so I'm very much on the fence about modifying it. So we're just going to keep kind of maintaining its. Originality at this point, I think now I've just replaced the shifter bushes in this shifter assembly.

It is way easier to change the bushes. If you just remove the whole thing, because these top ones are actually pretty hard to get to in the car. And if you've got the access of a hoist or something, it takes literally a second to pull these things out I'm, actually a little surprised at the bush condition, considering the play in the shifter. But what I think's actually happened is the bushes rather.Then deteriorate and turn to powder like they normally do is they've just gone really soft this front bush here, which we're not changing actually looks perfect anyway, um.

So, yeah, just put the six, uh, little, uh, I guess they're probably some sort of urethane replace all of those bushes. And it does seem like there's a little less planned already, so I'm going to fit this thing back up and then continue along working on. Oh, that's, right. The intercooler is half the in that manifold on this model.

A little of rust there, such huge shoulder, bolts for tiny, little threads like they're, only six mil threads. Plugs, look, pretty good they're, not heavily worn. I mean, you can see they've done some k's, so they're they're, not that old.

But while you're here, it's worth doing them, we don't know how many k's are on them. So I want to make sure that we uh get a bit of a datum. So we know where we're at so one cranking pulley. I call him Frankenstein, hi, hi dipstick. Well, it's, pretty dry in there.

So that's, a. Good sign there's a bit of oil on the front edge. But I honestly think that's just running down from the rock cover because actual if there was is there were seals leaking inside there, you'd have oil flung all the way around the cover, and it's, not really like that it's, not too bad actually it's, not mint by any means, but it's, not particularly noisy, which is slightly odd.

Actually in saying that all the rust dust, rust dust say that five times all the rust dust in the timing cover. I reckon is the. Water pump pulley because this car would have sat in Japan. I reckon that water pump pulley is corroded. And then when it started all the dust in there is from the rust burning off on the pulley you're, not slightly amusing about the water pump on this tiny little engine.

The water pump bolts are bigger than they are on a wax useless fact of the day. Ah, the Kool-Aid we got no drain train one bloody hose. What will it hit on coming out? Probably something else? No, that's, a nice change that legit is the.

Worst design every two hours in life. We're never going to get back there. This 60 millimeter long piece of hose has just been two hours of my life. I'll never get back. Oh, yes. There are marks on it.

My favorite do so first start up. Will it go? Bang? Nope. We don't have all pressure, get all the fingerprints out these timing belt stickers are mad because you go, and you peel that bit off. And then you don't get any fingerprints on it ready to seal it. And then you peel it.

Well, even the best laid plans don't. Always turn out the way you'd hoped. And this thing just kicked me all day today, unfortunately, we got to the point where it's at least back together and driving. Unfortunately, we didn't finish all the tasks we had planned to set out today, but we did get the time belt done. We got the water pump done. Airfield is done spark. Plugs rock cover gasket also on engine, oil and coolant.

So next episode we're going to be doing gearbox oil brake, fluid fixing our headlight issue inside the car. We did replace the. Headlight bulbs today, also, actually, because it had aftermarket led ones in it, and they were just actually too bright as dumb as that sounds low beam was too bright. And everyone was flashing me all the time. So, um, yeah, I really wanted to sort of get rid of those and put it back to original.

The other thing is too, because the fog lights are still yellow having really white headlights, and then yellow fog lights that kind of looked a bit odd. So I've just gone back to a sort of standard Navy h4. Style bulb, so they're in there, it's all back together, we still got the funnel bucketing, so I'm just going to leave it overnight just to bleed any extra air out also, then it basically sets your cold coolant level.

And then you can feel your overflow bottle to the low point and then that's all pretty well, sweet on the level front. But yeah, we've pretty much buttoned up what we got what we could today oil sorted as I said, so pretty stoked with the result, even though it wasn't, what we'd aim for, um at. Least it's to the point where I can drive it out and work on other stuff tomorrow. So that's pretty much us done next episode we'll be back on this again, uh.

But yeah, for now thanks for watching guys we'll, see you next time you.