The Non-profit And Social Enterprise Award

Here to introduce the finalists in the nonprofit and social enterprise category are Daniel Bernard from BDO chartered accountants and advisors. And Jennifer Mullen guru bay from Assiniboia credit union, our sponsor of the category, what an exciting evening congratulations to all the finalists in all the categories. You really are making Winnipeg a remarkable City at ACU. We value the commitment.

All of you make toward enhancing our communities as a socially responsible cooperative with a commitment. To money doing more, we are especially honored to be presenting the award for the nonprofit and social enterprise category tonight. Congratulations to all the finalists in this category, the finalists in this category are social innovators, they're solving complex modern socio-economic challenges or addressing emerging issues, they're, not motivated by profit or personal gain. But the vision of an ideal world mother earth. Recycling is an indigenous social enterprise that prides itself on community.

Involvement providing life skills to employees and students while developing unique recycling solutions to the growing problem of land, filling in our city and province taking electronics and mattresses down to their component parts, the four-year-old organization, diverts tons of waste from local landfills through partnerships with government as well as companies like IKEA and Ken and ends mother earth. Recycling is expanding its operation by leaps and bounds with plans to soon expand into. Production with its recycled materials, their staff see the positive impact of their work every day from touring partners through their facility to grateful community and Industry drop-offs to their greatest pleasure, watching a team member come into their first job gain knowledge, self-esteem and skills and then exit for a full-time career or post-secondary education.

The only national training school based in Western Canada for writers, directors and produces working in film television and digital. Media the National screen institute has been training Canadian storytellers for 30 years, the oldest school of its kind in the country responding to changing financial pressures in filmmaking and leaning on expertise of industry leaders who make up their faculty NSW stays relevant, whether in film TV or digital media, their market-driven training programs, give grads a competitive edge to pursue successful careers and their dedicated stream of programming for indigenous content creators centered in. Winnipeg plays a pivotal role in developing the artists who are redefining Canada a dynamic campus in downtown hub, the University of what if it connects people from diverse cultures, nurtures global citizens and takes its commitment to being a good neighbor and community partner seriously, while there's lots to acknowledge in the University of 50th year as 9,000 undergraduate and graduate students collaborate with faculty and staff on academic and research excellence. A particular celebration is. Due for the chew a connect Learning Center, a partnership with a growing number of First, Nation, may tee and Inuit groups. The track enact Learning Center serves the neighborhood.

The University of Winnipeg is honored to the apartment. 3D one territory, the heart of the matey nation and a growing home of new Canadian families by creating a series of educational and capacity building programs for all ages. The chew a connect learning center opens a pathway to post-secondary education, guided by. Community input partially volunteer run by community members and always celebrating indigenous identity. The center's first wave of graduates are closing Manitoba's graduation gap, a vital goal for our province and City to achieve their full potential I'm, really hoping this doesn't say Leila land.

And the award goes to mother earth. Recycling, accepting the award on behalf of Mother Earth. Recycling is Jessica Florence. General manager, I'm, really glad I can't, see anybody while I'm up here?

Um. Thank you. Very much and just want to say that we're very proud to be nominated alongside the other two amazing organizations in this category on the video did a really great job describing what we do a mother earth recycling. So I would really just like to encourage everybody here tonight tomorrow at some point to go home and research social enterprises. And what we can do for the community check out social enterprise, Manitoba and the social purchasing portal, whoa.

There are a lot of really phenomenal. Organizations in the cities that are doing so much good, and I guarantee every single person in here in business in here can work with us and help make our city great place. Thank you. You.