Tiny Yet Stoic - PDA Impressions Of Transformers Legions Optimus Prime

Hi guys Brian here today, I want to give you my quick impressions on transformers Robots in Disguise, Legion, Optimum Prime. So this is from the new series, which I actually haven't seen drastically much of I've seen a few episodes, and it's, not enthralling to me. So I haven't been super responsible in catching every episode, but I grabbed a number of these guys on a whim and found them to be well. You'll see what I find them followed me so here's Optimum in vehicle mode with his trailer as integrated as. Part of the vehicle mode, he rolls he's, pretty decent looking for a size comparison. Here is sideswipe.

Here is steel jaw. And of course, here is bumblebee. Now to see how these guys stack with some regular four years here as combiner Wars tougher. So compared to offer this Optimum is quite, quite small. And we've also got combiner Wars groove who makes the sky look even smaller and tinier and tinier small and doesn't like to stay together.

So there's a size comparison. What do you say to go ahead and get? Him into robot mode and I will show you what I think about him there. But since this guy is so small and kind of has a simple transformation, I'm going to go ahead and do something special and transform him on camera for you guys because I kind of got a because I kind of get a kick out of the transformation. So I start off with pulling his head out from underneath the hood, breaking the hood, a bit grabbing the arms and separating them from the legs and pulling that hinge down and I, push the backpack.

Up pulls arms hard, rotate them and pull them down, and then put the head until clips in and suffer the legs. And there he is a robot mode, not a bad-looking robot mode. And a manageable amount of backpack kibble looks pretty decent. And for his articulation, nothing really on the head because it's, you know, just a clip. His arm is on a ball-joint. Do pretty decent range of movement.

Actually, it's got a hinge here, and I wish. This was a ball joint because then it would also give you rotation ball joined at. The hips but kind of limited a bit, you can't really go far. Well, I, guess you can go back ways and forward always, yeah, I. Guess, you can get decent range of motion on the hip there and that's it for his articulation balls, bringing some size comparisons for you. So you can see how he stacks up to say, bumblebee and always falling down on the job that's. Why he was in prime sideswipe and strong arm to complete the Autobots that I have not planning on grabbing Gridlock or fix it.

Or anyone else really at. The moment I bought these guys up very much on a whim, but for a little group of guys, not bad I've also got steel jaw here and looks okay. Compared with some generations figures here is combiner. Wars Suffer much much much smaller. And we've also got combiner Wars groove, much smaller. So I guess that leads into my final thoughts on to the robots in disguise Legion, Optimum, Prime figure, he's a nifty, little finger, fun kind of figure that I'm glad I paid five bucks for nothing more for sitting on.

Metroplex his hand, he looks kind of decent, I, don't know, anything with the game that that code can work with, so I'm satisfied with them, but I'm, not going to like be upset if I break them or anything. So there's my opinion on the guy. Okay. So what you guys think about them, I want to say, thank you to those of you who have spread the word and told your friends about us. And all the success we've gotten is all because of you guys. So you guys are awesome and I want to. Thank you for doing.

You have thus far. To help us spread the word about Avalon until next time, guys transform and roll out.